The Gideon Woman's Club

The Woman's Community Club of Gideon was established in 1929 by a group of
interested Gideon women all of whom were not alumni members due to the early
establishment of the club.  However, as years passed, the club grew to have many
Gideon alumni and Gideon School staff members.  This club was involved in school
activities from the beginning.  The Club helped establish hot lunches for students,
brought inoculation clinics to Gideon students, and established the public library.

After successful fund raiser  years, the Woman's Club Scholarship was created and
has been given each year from the proceeds of the Jr. King and Queen Contest.  
This $500 scholarship, the Sophomore Pilgrimage trip, Project Prom, and Community
Christmas Project are the major donations given through the school by the Woman's
Community Club of Gideon.